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Pelican Storm cases are some of the most durable cases on the earth. They are also the best solid injection molded cases in the industry. Manufactured with a high performance HPX resin for dent resistance, these storm cases come with the easy Press & Pull latches and the durable Soft-Grip Handles. Their water and airtight seals, pressure relief valves, and light weight construction make them the first choice for many industries.

New and used available.

Tracer Ammunition 

RED AND GREEN 9mm Tracer Ammunition Is Back In Stock


Our tracer ammunition uses a hollow based bullet that contains a pyrotechnic composition similar to a flare. When fired , the smokeless powder in the cartridge ignites the tracer composition. They are non corrosive and will not harm your barrel or firearm.

Please note that we cannot ship to CA, Mass, NYC and Chicago. Illinois residents must have a Foid #.